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About Rajkot
1 Rajkot City Area 104.86 sq/Kms
2 Population 1,002,000
3 Location
Latitude 22.15N
Longitude 70.56E
4 Climate
Avg. Maximum 43.50 °C
Avg. Minimum 24.20 °C
5 Avg. Rainfall 500 mm
Level Of Service
1 Water Supply
a. Per Capita Supply 110 LTR
b. Coverage Population 98%
c. Total Water Supply per day 1
2 City-wide sewerage and safe sanitation coverage
a. Population with sewerage services(direct service connection) and Safe sanitation disposal (septic tanks and soak pits) as percentage to total population 76%
b. Extent of Waste water treatment 39%
3 Solid Waste Management
a. Per Capita Generation 280/gms/day
b. Total Generation of waste 330/MT/day
c. City coverage 75%
d. No of community bins 1300
e. Process of waste in MTS 300 MT
f. Door to Door collection 20%
b. Cost per MT in Rs. 2850
4 Storm Water Drain
Extent of drainage coverage 4%
5 Urban Transport
a. Asphalt Road in Kms 1125 Kms
b. WBM Road in Kms 225 Kms
c. Kaccha Road in Kms 900 Kms
a. River Bridges 4
b. Railway Under Pass 1
c. Railway Over bridge 1
Pedestrain footpath
a. On both sides of roads in Kms. 35
b. On single side of road in Kms. 12
Street lightings
a. Tube lights 33000
b. Central Sodium lighting
a. With signals 13
b. With Rotary 12
Sports & Recreational Facilities
a. Cricket Stadium 1
b. Athletics ground 1
c. Hockey ground 1
d. Swimming pools 3
e. Planetarium & Science centre 1
f. Garden, Parks and Playgrounds 65
g. Amusement park 1
h. Aviaries 1
i. ZOO 1
j. Libraries 5
Facilities for Urban Poor
c. Railway Over bridge 1
1 EWS Housing 6388
2 Slum population served with piped water connection(Household level & public stand posts) 90%
3 Slum population per public stand post 175
4 Slum level access to sewerage and sanitation 91%
5 Slum population covered under waste collection services 30%
6 No. of Dispensaries/RCH Centers 17
7 No of pay and Use Toilates 17
8 No of ICDS center/Anganwadi(Women welfare centers) 124
Fire & Emergency Services
1 No of Fire Stations 4
2 Fire fighter 5
3 Water Tanker 4
4 Fire Tanker 4
5 Foam Tanker 1
6 Rescue Tankers 1
7 Ambulance 6
8 Hears 7
1 Crematoria(Electrical) 3
2 Conventional 10

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