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Rajkot History 

The city does not have a long history. It was founded by the then ruler of Sardhar 1608 A. D. on the west bank of the river Aji as a small fortified town. Gradually, it became a Princely State in the year 1805. The British Government developed the old city area popularly known as Sadar during 1820 to 1870. The old town and Sadar area being part of the city were developed simultaneously. Both these areas were separated by North-South Railway track then existed but subsequently railway track was removed. Both these areas merged with each other resulting in coordinated development of the town. Hence the city developed from a village, civic development was in the process and in the course of time some of the major works came to be permanently visible. To name some of them, we can mention Raj Kumar College, Alfred High School which was subsequently named Mahatma Gandhi High School, Jubilee Garden, Railway line, Railway Junction, Lakhajiraj Railway Station which geared up the development of whole town of Rajkot. HISTORY
By the end of 19th century, Rajkot emerged as a premier town having a population of 36,000. Rajkot was capital of Ex-Saurashtra State and has a central location in the region being a part of Gujarat State. Its importance as a capital is attributed to geographical location, its cultural heritage and the development potential possessed by the city. The present level of development of the city is outcome of the process of progressive development going on since decades. It will be useful to recall the historical background of the city enjoying a position of importance in the field of Trade, Industry, Education, Transportation, Communication, Entertainment and urbanization.

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