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Rajkot is a city which keeps pace with time and technology. The computerization in Rajkot Municipal Corporation started long back in 1989, and has completed more than a decade and half, and in true sense Computerization in RMC is boon for citizen of Rajkot.

Our approach towards computerization is categorically divided in to two parts

1. Citizen centric Services

2. Back Office management

we give equal importance to both. This is helpful to us for giving better municipal services. Almost 80% public related services and back office services (which help in strengthening of administrative process) are computerized so far. Citizens are perceived as the most important stakeholder of municipal administration. We propose to give round the clock service with interactive web portal, aiming towards complete e-Governed Municipal Corporation.

Major Achievements

first in the state to start online octroi posts

online data available for issuance of computerized Birth and Death certificates since 1973

property tax and water charges assessment and collection is online since 1994

generated demand of 20 million rupees in from new water connection by developing module for direct linking   of water connection to property tax

more than 60 different utilities are computerized

all services under one umbrella, under eGovernance Project

City Civic Centre started from 18th August 2005, five City Civic Centres are online

City Civic Centre

To get maximum advantage of the technology and give transparency in the day-to-day administration, Rajkot Municipal Corporation has started City Civic Center in different areas of City. At present RMC has five City Civic Centers operational in different areas of Rajkot Municipal Corporation for benefit of citizen of Rajkot. Now any citizen can access municipal corporations services within 3 km from their residence.

Amin Marg

Krishna Nagar

Kothariya Road

Zonal Office (East Zone)

Zonal Office (Central Office)

Zonal Office (West Zone)

Service Offered at City Civic Centres

Property Tax Assessment and Collection

Water Charges Assessment and Collection

New water connection

Complaint Redressal

Shop and establishment

Birth and Death certificates

Building permission plans

various tax collection

Key Objectives:

The key objective of City Civic Centre is to provide the citizen a transparent, faster, efficient service within 2-3 km from their home or office place with the help of latest technology. To provide true online real time system, citizen can access services of Rajkot Municipal Corporation from any place almost from door step. One can say Rajkot Municipal Corporation is just a click away from the citizen.

Key Benefits to Citizen

Concept of City Civic Centre is designed in such a way that tax payers can get maximum facility at the centre. A neat and clean City Civic Centres are in pretty good area with plenty of space. They are served cold water during their visit to city civic centre. A Token system is introduced for the convenience of the payers. Citizens can read magazine, watch TV, DVD while seating on the chair during the time their turn comes. Each citizen is given personalized attention by the well trained staff. Citizen has remarked that Maja aavi gai (they enjoyed paying). It shows that the objective behind City Civic Centre is successful.

The main benefit to the citizens is that they dont have to go far for various services and they get various quality services within minimum time period. With the help of computerization they get almost immediate response from Rajkot Municipal Corporation.


Complaints and applications are accepted from one place

As per Nagrik Adhikar Patrak time limit for the complaint redressal is fixed, if during that time limit complaint   is not solved, complaint detail is automatically escalated to next level officer, there too time limit is fixed, if   not solved then complaint details will be escalated to highest authority. This is taken care by e-Governance   software

System is truly real time online system, citizen can do their tax payment, can get birth and death   certificates, can get building plan permission from City Civic Centre

Any type of service is available from any counter, to make this possible we have designed common   stationery for all type of services


Future Plan / Road Map

RMC is committed to give proper and timely services to citizens. In future RMC is planning to put all details in web site. Development is under progress for that. Once development is complete citizen can pay their taxes through Web by Online Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card.



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