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Citizen's Forum 

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Energy saving
તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
Name : jitendra eathod
please stop using conventional Tube Lights and adopt CFL
email :flowpointrjt@gmail.com
Name : Sanjay Tank
All street lights should be off as on every full moon (Punam) so that public can enjoy the environment and energy can be saved.
email :jigneshtank85@gmail.com
કમિશ્નર સાહેબશ્રી,
વિષય : THE B.P.M.C. ACT-1949ને અંગ્રેજી તેમજ ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં
બીજી મહાનગરપાલિકાઓની જેમ ઓનલાઈન મુકવા બાબત.

જયભારતસાથ જણાવવાનું કે રાજકોટ મહાનગરપાલિકાની વેબસાઈટ પર
B.P.M.C. ACT-1949ને મુકવા મારી રજૂઆત છે હાલ સુરત
મહાનગરપાલિકા, વડોદરા મહાનગરપાલિકા, તેમજ અમદાવાદ
મહાનગરપાલિકા દ્વારા ઓનલાઈન મુકવામાં આવેલ છે તો રાજકોટ શહેરની
પ્રજાની જાગૃતતા માટે તેમજ લોકોના જનહિત માટે આપણી કોર્પોરેશનની
વેબસાઈટ પર અંગ્રેજી તેમજ ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં મુકવા મારી રજૂઆત છે.

email :viralbhatt6@gmail.com
Install LED flud light, remove sodium light, costing will adjust in 6months electricity Bill
email :jigskansagra@gmail.com
Name : dharmeshkher
Rajkot ma water ni khub j ghat 6 mate jyare jyare society ma nal aave tyare motor lagavine manaso pani chori kare che tethi je vistar ma nal vitran chalu karo there te vistar ni light off kari dyo tethi pani bache ane energy save pan thay
email :dharmeshkher48@gmail.com
Name : ravi
sury urjano vadhu upyog thy tevu karo
email :raviganatra12@gmail.com
Name : Akash thakar
i am an electrical engineering
student. As Rajkot is going to be
smart city, we can implement Smart
street lights , We can make street
lights fully automatic which even
save huge amount of energy by
automatic operation.
Thank You
email :aks.thakar94@gmail.com
i think that RMC SHOULD include the provision for the student
to meet the demand for the energy saving.
also the remaining or pending project shouid be given to
student(persuing any qualified course) under any senior
i have nice plan for rajkot to generate electricity without
pollution or without any other harmfull sources.
email :ranparapriyank@gmail.com
Name : bhavesh jesadia
i strictly suggests street light ON/OFF timing is not
proper. i have so many time seen that there was street light
in on condition even if in day light.so we are wasting the
power of our nation and to save power u must change the
fixture of street light by latest LED lamp instead of


email :patelb1986@gmail.com
dear sir
rajkot all street light in new developmental in solar street
email :ashish_kapadiya06@yahoo.com
Name : Nikhil
There is one street light pole in "Janakpuri Society,
Stree-4" near Block no. 143-144.
Above Street light is continuously ON since very long time.
Please do needful, to get this light OFF in the day time,
and it should be ON in the night time.

I had registered a complaint regarding the same, but one
person from RMC came, and said that It is not possible to
get it switch Off.

Please do needful.
email :nikhil2312@hotmail.com
Name : ashok
લાઇટો વહેલી ચાલુ થઇ જાય છે અને સવારે મોડી બંધ જાય છે. તે બાબતમાં
નીયમીતતા લાવવી જરુરી છે.
email :afafdfaf@yhoo.com
plz. start use solar street light , grant by central govt.
we are supply fully automatic solar street light in
district panchayat,

email :mpmerja@yahoo.com
Name : parekh jayvant k
i am ex. central govt. employee. worked 10 year in energy
conservation project. i would like to sujjest if we can
use solar led street light it may save 70% electric energy.
I havw worked in NSIC rajkot as development officer.
email :jkparekh2003@yahoo.com
Name : હેમંતં વાછાણી
શેરી ની લાઈટ ચાલુ તથા બંધ કરવા માટે સેન્સર નો ઉપયોગ કરવો જોઈઍ.તેના
થી ખોટો પાવર વપરાશ બંધ થશે.
email :hpvachhani@gmail.com
Name : Ashutosh Maru
save energy and plant more and more trees as today oil
conservation fortnight finshed today.
its in our benifit if we will work on that(power and oil saving)
email :ashutosh.maru.009@gmail.com

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