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Citizen's Forum 

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Rain water harvesting
તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
Name : દર્શનભાઇ
શહેરમાં રોડની બાજુમાં ૩૦૦ ફુટના બોર કરો, અને વરસાદનું પાણી તેમા ઉતારો.
email :mahadevhar7@gmail.com
Name : ashwinbhai m vithalani
april ane may mahina ma darek ghrane (1)sabsidi rupe paip aapi
ne(2)pani ni lain fiting kari aapta majuro ni jemaj alag thi
varshadi pani sangrah karava majur mokalava joie(3)potej
varsadi pani no sangrah agau karel hoy teva loko ne sanman
karavu joie. ashwin vithalani
email :ashwinvithalani99@gmail.com
Name : llesh Javia
There should be wells with cover on every circle and
spaces in side should be kept in the well for rainy water
to flow in the well. By this many purpose will be served
1. Water recharge, 2 water will not flow on the road and
road will not be damaged. (3) Money will be saved
email :ileshjava@yahoo.com
Name : Lokesh
Dear sir,
As your are aware that Rajkot people are facing acute water
shortage every year and level of ground water decreasing. As
you have power and authority I would like draw your
attention toward the Ground available in Rajkot i.e shastri
maidan and empty part of racecourse can be use for storage
water by creating pond there.
email :lokesh_raghav@rediffmail.com
Name : Ashish
Please kindly update rain fall history on this web site
email :er.ashish27@gmail.com
Name : Denish
Rain water Harvesting system are including town planning
email :denish.khanpara@gmail.com
Name : Vishal Nariya

Rain water harvesting is good technique to save water. We
are happy to use rmc site as it found very useful and follow
rule of rain water harvesting if RMC make one. Also there is
not way to remove rain water from road at rainy day.

email :vishal.nariya@gmail.com
Name : રમેશચન્‍દ્ર બી. ભટ્ટ
સામાન્ય રીતે રાજકોટમાં પીવાના પાણીની સમસ્‍યા વધુ રહે છે. થોડાં શહેરો એવા
છે, કે જ્યાં જૂના સમયમાં રહણાંક મકાનમાં જ પાણીનો ટાંકો બનાવી, તેમાં
વરસાદી પાણી જાળવવામાં આવતું અને આખું વરસ પીવાના પાણીની સમસ્‍યા રહેતી
નહીં. દ્વારકા અને જૂનાગઢ માં આ જોવામાં આવ્‍યું છે. રાજકોટમાં નવા બનતા
મકાનોમાં આવી વ્‍યવસ્‍થા ફરજીયાત બનાવવી જોઇએ. અને જૂના મકાનોમાં આ
વ્‍યવસ્‍થા ગોઠવવા માટેનો સમય આપવો જોઇએ.
email :ramesh_bhaibhatt@yahoo.com
Name : Hardeek Pipaliya
My suggestion is that, "as we have rules for Solar Water
Heater, we should make Rain Water harvesting compulsory for societies which have more then certain no. of houses Eg.
email :hkpipaliya@gmail.com
Name : Dixesh pathak
resp. sir
Congratulations for your all round work in rajkot city.
my suggestion is please make some rules for rain water
harvesting.For example,for every new construction
(household & commercial) UNDER GROUND WATER TANK
COMPULSARY.which can store each & every drop of rain
Directly.like in DWARKA -Jamnagar
Also there must be some strict rules for elevators in
Apartments and highrise bldgs.
email :venusrajkot@rediffmail.com
Name : dharmesh vakil
Respected Sir,

anywhere, if found rain water stoped, you shoud do
underground connention direct to road.
email :dharmesh.vakil@yahoo.com

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