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તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
Name : Bhargav Savaliya
Speed breakers trend in Rajkot.
I want to mention here about unnecessary speed breakers.
There is too much problem of unnecessary, Obstructed speed
breakers, It decrease average of vehicle and vehicle demands
more maintenance,
Plus more speed breakers is waste of time and waste of fuel.
So to save fuel for future. People apply breaks on each n
every speed breakers, that decrease speed and waste more

Speed breakers are not according to rule, some of them are
like vehicle stops on it.
So request to RMC to remove unnecessary Obstructed and make
a better transport road system.
To be strict about making new unnecessary speed breakers.
To use more information, see other metro city or foreign
city road systems, there are not unnecessary speed breakers.
email :bhargav.savaliya@yahoo.com
Name : Ravi Dusara
રાજકોટ મા રોજે રોજ ટ્રાફીક વઘતો જાય છે . રેડ લાઇટ વીશે ટ્રાફીક શાખા નો
શંપરક કરતા જવાબ મળેલ કે લાઇટ ના ટાયમીગ ખરાબ છે
રાજકોટ મયુ.કોપોરેશન રીપેરીગ કરી આપે પછી ચાલુ થાશે .
રાજકોટ મયુ.કોપોરેશન આવી લાઇટ રીપેર કરાવે
અથવા તો બંઘ કરી પાવર ની બચત કરે ને રાજકોટ વાશી ઓના પૈસા

email :ravidusara@gmail.com
Name : Ravi Dusara
Dear Sir PL Start Red Light And Time Seting 150 Ft riing Road
email :ravidusara@gmail.com
Name : Sachin Ravani
Traffic is the biggest problem in Rajkot. I have noticed
that at many junctions there are Traffic lights installed
but Traffic police never starts or if starts they never
force public to follow the same one good example is Mavdi
Chokdi, Rajnagar Chowk ( here they have fixed the portable
traffic light post, what a shame, Also they have installed
other traffic lights. Please visit the rajnagar chowk).

One more thing come to my mind to reduce traffic is force
buildings to use their seller for parking. Many commercial
buildings in Rajkot has seller but not used for parking.
email :sachinravani@gmail.com
Name : Hiren
How can we know which all areas are NO PARKING ZONES... as
most of the places boards are not there and we have to pay
penalties... ANY GUIDANCE
email :hemang_joshi@hotmail.com
If some body really wants to do for this city then please
....please do something for noise pollution. This is the only
minus point and leaving behind then other city of gujarat.
email :nishith@travelallay.com
Name : kashyap khakhar
sanganwa chowk ma khub tarffic thay che oneway nu palan nathi
thatu to please oneway nu palan thay tavi vyavstha karo
email :kashyapkhakhar827@gmail.com
Name : A A.
Dea sir

it has been observed over a long period of time that there
is no discipline and rules followed for road traffic
neither by traffic police and not by RMC

we are facing everyday threat to meet an accident while
crossing road at saint mary school, wockhardt hospital and
KKV circle , INDIRA circle, kotech chowk and many more place
even we can say across the rajkot city

there is no disciplinary action taken either by RMC or
traffic police of RAJKOT

since all you are educated people sitting at RMC but there
is no discipline on the road by any of the authority has
observed so far. if any one of you have observed then why
there is no initiative taken by any of the responsible

Being responsible citizen I follow to traffic rules, but I
am bound to n force to break the rules due to instruction of
traffic authority who stand at kkv circle & all major place
where traffic controller stand to follow traffic rules. and
all others who are force to push move on road by other kind
of harassment.

Its impossible for senior citizen and Old age people, to
cross road, reach home, reach to near by places

over a long period of time there is no care have been taken
by any of RMS authority to improve the situation.

RAJKOT is become worst this days due to so many indiscipline
to various places

I request to RMC authority to make the best place rajkot
with discipline.

hope you will do the needful action and take better

thanking you


email :s_99250@yahoo.com
Name : jadeja akshayrajsinh
the road between hanuman madhi to raiya choukdi must be clear
,here most of vegetable seller creates the problem of
email :akshyraj.jambha@gmail.com
dear sir,
as you are aware and you are also trying to solve the
problem of parking on 150ft ring road the various vehicles
are parked on cycle track and footpath kindly keep on trying
to solve the same problem
email :mishalgohel@gmail.com
Respt. sir
There is a big proble of cow etc animal in our road,
strictly prohibited them at any cost of penalized to owner
much more
other of traffic problem is rally from region, political
party, marriage etc. is very much disturbing to traffic also
prohibited them or take charge much more
email :sanjaymakhecha@yahoomail.com
Name : manish vishpara
Mavdi chokdi ma trafic singl hova chata pan amlma leva koy gov.oficar
purtu dhyan apta nathi amo public ne te singln nu paln kari trafic
samsya dur karva no puro vichar ane sahyog che pan
jo koy trafic polic j dhyan na aape to su karvu?

To aa babte vicharva anurod che
email :manish.b.vishpara@gmail.com
Name : જાગૃત
રાજકોટ શહેરના ઢેબર રોડ- કોર્પોરેશન ચોક થી લોધાવાડ ચોક સુધીનો ભાગ
પહોળો કર્યા બાદ હજુ પણ ટ્રાફીકની સમસ્યા જેમ ની તેમ છે. આમાં કોઇપણ
નિયમોનું પાલન કર્યા વગર બેફામ રીતે ચાલતી રીક્ષાઓ, છકડો રીક્ષાઓ
જવાબદાર છે. વધુમાં મેસોનીક હોલ સામેનું ટેક્ષી સ્‍ટેન્ડ હટે તે પહેલાં તો
કોર્પોરેશન ચોકમાં ખાનગી ટેક્ષીઓ તથા રીક્ષાઓ જ્યાં ત્યાં ટ્રાફીકને અડચણરૂપ
થાય તેમ પાર્કીંગ કરી દેવામાં આવે છે. કોર્પોરેશન ચોકથી રજપુતપરા તરફ જતા
રસ્સ્તા પર ખાનગી ‘તુફાન - જીપ’ નો ખડકલો હોય છે. એસ.ટી.ની પાછળ ના
રસ્તા પર દિવસના કોઇપણ સમયે ખાનગી ટ્રાવેલ્સ ની મીનીબસ મનફાવે ત્યાં
ઉભી હોય છે. મીલપરા કે કરણપરાથી કોર્પોરેશન આવતા રસ્તાઓ પર અસંખ્ય
ગાયો-ભેંસો રખડતી હોય છે. આમ મહાનગરપાલિકા તરફ વેરો ભરવા આવતા,
આસપાસ ના કોઇપણ રસ્તા પર નાગરીકો ટુવ્હીલર કે ફોરવ્હીલર લઇને સરળતાથી
પ્હોંચી શકતા નથી. સામાન્ય નાગરીકો ને આવવા જવા માટેનો જાહેર રસ્તો
ખાનગી રીક્ષા, છકડા કે ટ્રાવેલ્સ વાળાઓ હંમેશા બાનમાં લઇને માતેલા સાંઢની
જેમ ફરતા હોય છે. તેને કંઇ કહેવાવાળું કોઇ છે ???? સાંભળો છો માનનીય
કમિશ્નર સાહેબ ??? રાજકોટની પ્રજાની વેદના ને સમજી યોગ્ય તે કરશો તેની
ખાત્રી છે, તમારા ઉપર લોકોને વિશ્વાસ છે. આપ લોકોની તકલીફ માટે અંગત
રસ લઇ, રૂબરૂ કોર્પોરેશનની આજુબાજુના તમામ વિસ્‍તારમાં એક વખત રાઉન્‍ડ
લઇ ખાત્રી કરશો તો આપને હકીકત નો જરૂર ખ્યાલ આવશે ... રાજકોટ શહેરને
ત્રણ-ત્રણ એવોર્ડ મળ્યા છે તો ટ્રાફીક બાબતે પણ વધુ એક એવોર્ડ કેમ નહીં
??? આ સોનાની થાળીમાં લોખંડની મેખ જેવું ટ્રાફીક સમસ્યાનું કલંક દુર કરવુંજ
જોઇએ.... રાજકોટની જનતા વતિ આપનો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર ....
email :rajkotwellwisher@in.com
Name : Ashok Vora

On kalawad road there are hanumanji temple near swaminarayan
mandir. when Saturday is come there are lots of traffic and
many people are there for darshan. but problem is that all
the members who come for darshan they are not parking there
scooters and car in side but THEY ARE PARKING THERE SCOOTERS

email :voraashok71@gmail.com
Respected sir.
sir rajkot ma lodhavad chowk ajubaju school,coladge ane
busstand no rasto hovathi 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm sudhi bhare
trafic thato hovathi tya trafic police ne te time par thodo
vadhare time api sake to te time ma trafic thodo vadhu control
ma rehse.
email :nikunj.rupareliya04@gmail.com
Name : brijesha patar
respected sir,

jay bharat sir maro question bike ma je horn 6e tena mate
6e.jyare girls kai pan vicheal lay jati hoy tyare aa loko
loudly horn mare 6e.so plz tame aava horn par pratibandh
mukso tem ame echhi chhi..plz sir our hummble request to
u..i hope our expetetion is fullfill...thank u
email :brijesha.28@gmail.com
Name : Raghuvir Vaishnav
There r 2 roads adjacent to Racecourse ring road that lead
to Airport.1-from Aaykarvatik 2-from Ruchi bunglow i.e just
opp to Rajiv statue.Presently both these rds r open for
traffic to and fro airport.considering the increase in
vehicular traffic and proposed Raiya rd overbridge work,I
suggest that-
1.these roads may be made one-ways.Rd-1 should be made open
for traffic TOWARDS Airport only and Rd-2 should be made
open to traffic FROM Airport only.
For this the gap in road divider nr Rajiv statue should be
This will facilitate the smooth sailing of vehicular
email :vrhaash@gmail.com
Name : Rohit Joshi
Respected sir,
I request to making over bridge at amrapali railway crossing
raiya road.When time of arriving train and road been closed
that time traffic begin heavy.So please start construction
as much fast of bridge over raiya road.

email :rohitjoshi11490@rediff.com
Name : ketan
dear comissioner saheb mare atliz araz karvani ke a city
no traffic samsya door karo jya point hoy tya ek traffic
police hoy. ava rules karava namra vinati che apne.
email :dobariaketan@hotmail.com
Name : Aniruddha Dabhi
Sir/ Madam,

I have a request for traffic control in residential areas.
There is no speed breakers on roads in our area and the same
for many other residential areas. We are facing an immense
problem of speed of the vehicles in our area. There are
heavy vehicles running with a great speed on road in our
area. And I am sure many other residential areas are also
facing the same problem.

Please suggest me where should i register this complain or
where should I give application for that. So RMC may put
speed breaker in our area where there is an immense need.

Thanks & Regards,
Aniruddha Dabhi
email :aniruddha.dabhi@gmail.com
Name : Ashok D.Buddha
જીલા પંચાયત ચોક થી કિશાનપરા ચોક સુધીનાં માગૅ માં ગતિ અવરોધક મુકવા
email :ashokdbuddha@gmail.com
Name : dhanshukhbhai
Respected commissioner sir,
As in ahmedabad, it is strictly
prohibited to sell food causing oily chilly smoke in larry
on raods.On raiya road, near mongenese cake shop, there are
more than 4 hawkers selling non veg. FRYING items causing
chilly and oily smoke on there heavily traffic area. People
passing by needs to stop and wash their eyes immediately as
it causes access irritation and burn in eyes.please, take
some major action to stop this smoke creating hawkers.there
are many areas with this smoke cloud on road:raiya raod,
girnar cineme raod, aaksshvani chowk,etc.
email :barbiefashionista3@gmail.com
Our main city road is Dhebar Road and in this road from
bhutkhna chowk to Khadi bhavan chowk we have lots of traffic
in all time of the day even in late hours also because S T
Road widning work takes lot of years now. You can make
temprary solution of these trafic area by Strict action with
ricksaw stand, and pick up & drop area of passenger near
I hope some relaxation in traffic if action from
department will see in near time.

email :daveyogesh911@gmail.com
Name : Dharmesh Vakil
light trafic signal at Hospital chowk.
court bahar ubhi raheti bus, rixa ane bija passenger
vahano mate tya ubha raheva ni manai kari devi ane tena
mate nu sprciyal stand banaavvu. tena mate ni jagya pan
avelable chhe. District cout ane Family court / fast treck
court ni vache ni jagya government ni chhe, jene
corporation potana hastak lai ne tema parking banavi sake
chhe. site inspavtion tame jate karo a vyajbi rahese. than
you so much.
email :dharmeshvakil40@yahoo.com
Name : jignesh
Respected sir,
Sonibazar is the main area which is most visitable place in
rajkot. Day by day traffic becomes more and more in
sonibazar. It is so difficult to pass from that. If any
emergency is there we cannot reach on time anywhere. people
are fade-up now. cause of traffic is known to everyone.
"auto rikshaw". Sir there are main roads from where it can
be avoided.
1] kothariya naka 2] Harishchandra tawkiss road 3] gujari
bazar road 4] parabazar road.
If it is possible that authority can stop entrance of auto
rikshaw in these roads during hours of days at night it may
be allowed. then many traffic problem can be avoided. auto
rikshaw driverers drive very roughly and it becomes very
tedious to other peoples. and if above mention roads is
stopped to entrance for auto rikshaw it does not make any
different to passengers because from all of the above roads
sonibazar is walking distance.If this rule applies it really
resolves most of the problems related to traffic in
sonibazar. only because of traffic many quarrels among
peoples. try to visit sonibazar some day it is clear.

citizen of rajkot

email :sarvaiya4jignesh@yahoo.com
dear officer,
please install traffic point n single in big bazaar chow k
there so many big traffic due to 8 side road n also all r
vehicle in full speed run due to 150 feet road so please
install there traffic point & also i suggest to there full
time traffic police n all other require for maintain for
traffic also there so many 4 leg animal (cow,buffalo )
also on road,so not for good for local people drive vehicle,
i hope this my advice RMC go with us,
email :mehuldasani007@gmail.com
Name : kishorchandra h kudla
email :kudlaravi@gmail.com
Name : bhavesh p dhami
dear officer,
please install traffic point n single in big bazaar chow k
there so many big traffic due to 8 side road n also all r
vehicle in full speed run due to 150 feet road so please
install there traffic point & also i suggest to there full
time traffic police n all other require for maintain for
traffic also there so many 4 leg animal (cow,buffalo w) also
on road,so not for good for local people drive vehicle,
i hope this my advice RMC go with us,
Bhavesh Patel
email :rexo_cam@yahoo.com
Name : nits world
માનનીય સાહેબશ્રી,

વિષયમાં પ્રદુષણ અટકાવવાનો વિષય ન હોવાથી ટ્રાફિક વિષય પસંદ કરેલ છે.
શહેરમાં પ્રદુષણ ઓછું કરવા માટે નો ફ્યુઅલ ડે વિષે ન વિચારી શકાય !!!

શરૂઆતના તબક્કે પંદર દિવસમાં એક વાર, અને થોડા સમય પછી
એકવાર આ અમલ કરાવવામાં આવે તો કેવું સારું !!!

સૌ પ્રથમ ફક્ત સરકારી અધિકારીઓ-કર્મચારીઓથી શરૂઆત કરાવવામાં આવે,
મ્‍યુનિ.કોર્પોરેશન, જિલ્‍લા પંચાયત, કલેકટર કચેરી, બહુમાળી ભવન, ટેલીફોન
વિભાગ, ઇન્‍કમટેક્ષ... એવા મોટા વિભાગોના કર્મચારીઓ અઠવાડીયામાં એક
વખત આ ઝુંબેશ શરૂ કરે, તો મને આશા છે, કે નાગરિકો પણ આ બાબતની
સરાહના કરીને તેને અનુસરશે અને પ્રદુષણ અટકાવવાની ઝુંબેશમાં રાજકોટ
થશે તે મને શ્રદ્ધા છે.
email :nits_world@in.com
Name : Dr.Prabhat Vaghamshi
Dear Sir

With refrenCe to traffiC hawok in City i want to draw your
kind attention to RAIYA CIRCLE As Cirle lakes a basiC
physiCal square to Moniter or regulate traffiC so kindly
take the issue to your note and take proper aCCtion to
resole the traffiC hawok to reduCe traffiC Collition and

hope for tiMely interVention and reply

with affeCtion n regards

email :prabhat_vaghamshi@yahoo.com
રાજકોટ નો ટ્રાફિક દિવસે દિવસે વધતો જાય છે. નવા નવા વિસ્તારો રાજકોટમાં ભળતા
જાય છે. રાજકોટ માટે સેન્ટ્રલ ટ્રાફીક રૂમ હોવો જોઇએ, તેમજ દરેક ટ્રાફીક પોઇન્ટ પર
ટ્રાફિક લાઇટ સમય દર્શાવતી ધડીયાર સાથે હોય તો ,લોકોને ખ્યાલ આવે કે આડળા સમય
પુરતો રોડ બંધ છે.
email :vyomeshjoshi@yahoo.om
Name : P patel
I recently visited rajkot and was very amazed to see there
are not traffic lights on any main road or wide roads like
kalawad road where traffic is very bad. I wonder how do
old or frail or disable can cross the road? Specially near
the swaminarayan temple on kalawad road no policemen at
sight or traffic light. Think if you were old or disabled.
email :p.patel@rediffmail.com
Name : viky
ટ્રાફિક પોલીસ મેમો આપી રોકડા મેળવે છે તે ને બદલે આધુનિક પદ્ધતિ હેઠળ ટ્રાફિક
પોલીસ મેમો આપે અને તે મેમો ની રકમ નિયત સમય મર્યાદા માં ચેક મારફત
ટ્રાફિક મુખ્યાલયે મેળવવા માં આવે તો ટ્રાફિક ના ગુન્હા અને ટ્રાફિક વિભાગ માં રહેલ
ભ્રષ્ટાચાર ઉપર કન્ટ્રોલ મેળવી શકાશે તે ઉપરાંત એક ફંડ પણ ઉભુ થશે
please....do it...

email :vikymayani@gmail.com
Name : Pathak Payal
I am a teacher. Near HUNUMAN MADHI AREA Terrific Traffic we
face on raiya road. With that we have to face the problem
because of freely wondering Cows and other cattle. This
problem is very painful and we expect that it should be solved.
email :payaldthakar@gmail.com
Name : kkk
plan to keep traffic in one lane when railway crossing colsed
because public close bothside lane area and develop blocking
and which generates more delay + polution at that point
email :j@yahoo.co.in
Name : Mayur
Rajkot is fast growing city, no doubt about that. there is
a fundamental point which is missed By RMC. the traffic,
well vehicle traffic is too much in most areas of the
city, this scenario is un controlable, but one thing which
can be controlled is the animals, like cows. i believe
around 1,00,000 cows are in streets seating on roads hence
creating a missap of traffic. this should immidiatly
rectified. if RMC wishes this situation can be controlled.
all the animal should be captured and kept in gaushala,
streets and roads are not gaushala.

hopping RMC will take this as an valuable suggestion and
will act fast.
email :manade@gmail.com
Name : Dr SANJAY
Dear sir.

The traffic in the city especially adjacent to all traffic
areas around race course ,is really horrendous. i am from
uk, now residing at rajkot.you really to make the survey of
the heavy traffic timings predominantly evening times and
weekends. YOU can manage with the survery results ,i mean
you can divert vehicles from entering the messy area,which
can little bit feel more secure,also needs to make more
public crossings .u can also ban the vehicles to go in side
yagnik road ,as road is not broad enough to bear the heavy

email :drsanjay18@yahoo.com
Name : Dr SANJAY
Dear sir,

i am doctor who came from UK for a while.I came across with
horrible situation about the traffic.the peoples life is at
risk when they cross any round abouts or cross roads.i would
suggest you to make survey at each traffic lights and with
the data you can manage it very effectively.The scene at
each traffic light is really chaotic.there should be zebra
crossing or pelican crossing where people can cross the road
safely.i havent found anything like that.so i would really
appreciate if you look in to it seriosly.
email :drsanjay18@yahoo.com
Name : A rajkot citizen
hello sir,
I am a student studyin in one if the schools located on
the university road and sometimes have to drive to school
by vehicles. Durin this rainy times, It is becoming
EXTREMELY difficult to pass the indira circle area due to
ongoing construction that has spoilt the road there. on
vehilcles, its really dificult to travel safetly there
because large holes have been created on the road and are
not properly repaired. Please see to it that they are
repaired to ensure safety. Thank you
email :chaitalee_shah@yahoo.co.in
Name : પ્રતિક અંજારીઆ
ટ્રાફિક પોલીસ મેમો આપી રોકડા મેળવો છે તે ને બદલે આધુનિક પદ્ધતિ હેઠળ ટ્રાફિક
પોલીસ મેમો આપે અને તે મેમો ની રકમ નિયત સમય મર્યાદા માં ચેક મારફત
ટ્રાફિક મુખ્યાલયે મેળવવા માં આવે તો ટ્રાફિક ના ગુન્હા અને ટ્રાફિક વિભાગ માં રહેલ
ભ્રષ્ટાચાર ઉપર કન્ટ્રોલ મેળવી શકાશે
email :pratikanjaria@gmail.com
Name : Harshadrai Mandani
Dear Sir, Looking to heavy traffic and residential as well
Hospital area is suggested that Speedbreakers may be
installed on University Road especially near S.B.I. Bank
soas to avoid fatal accident. Running of private passenger
busses and Water Tankers may also get stopped. This may
healp citizens in getting little healp. Thanks.
email :harshadmandani@yahoo.co.in
Name : રમેશચન્‍દ્ર બી. ભટ્ટ
માનનીય સાહેબશ્રી,

વિષયમાં પ્રદુષણ અટકાવવાનો વિષય ન હોવાથી ટ્રાફિક વિષય પસંદ કરેલ છે.
શહેરમાં પ્રદુષણ ઓછું કરવા માટે નો ફ્યુઅલ ડે વિષે ન વિચારી શકાય !!!

શરૂઆતના તબક્કે પંદર દિવસમાં એક વાર, અને થોડા સમય પછી અઠવાડીયામાં
એકવાર આ અમલ કરાવવામાં આવે તો કેવું સારું !!!

સૌ પ્રથમ ફક્ત સરકારી અધિકારીઓ-કર્મચારીઓથી શરૂઆત કરાવવામાં આવે, તો
મ્‍યુનિ.કોર્પોરેશન, જિલ્‍લા પંચાયત, કલેકટર કચેરી, બહુમાળી ભવન, ટેલીફોન
વિભાગ, ઇન્‍કમટેક્ષ... એવા મોટા વિભાગોના કર્મચારીઓ અઠવાડીયામાં એક
વખત આ ઝુંબેશ શરૂ કરે, તો મને આશા છે, કે નાગરિકો પણ આ બાબતની
સરાહના કરીને તેને અનુસરશે અને પ્રદુષણ અટકાવવાની ઝુંબેશમાં રાજકોટ અગ્રેસર
થશે તે મને શ્રદ્ધા છે.
આભાર. -- રમેશચન્‍દ્ર બી. ભટ્ટ.

email :ramesh_bhaibhatt@yahoo.com
Name : sagar
if traffic police take care following,most of rajkot
traffic can solved.(instead of checking bikers and other
driving license.)
1.wrong side driving strickly watched and do not permit.
2.animal control
email :sagarmakadia@yahoo.co.in
Name : joshi ambaprasad satyavan
ભીડભંજન સોસાયટી જયાં પૂરી થાય છે તે જગયા પાસે પાંચ રસતા ભેગા થાય છે તે
જગયાએ અકસમાત થવાની શકયતા વધુ જણાય છે માટે તે સથળે અેક ટૂાફીક સરકલ
બનાવવા વીનંતી છે ્ તે સથળે પાંચ રોડ ભેઞા થાય છે ્ એક રોડ રૈયા ટૅલીફોન
એક્ષચેંજ પાસૅથી આવે છૅ ્ બીજો મામાસાહેબની રૈયા રોડ પરથી આવે છે ્ ત્રીજો
ભીડભંજન સોસાયટી મેઇન રોડ પુરો થાય છે તે ્ ચોથો અને પાંચમો સાધુ
વાસવાણી રોડ પરથી આવે છે ્ આ જઞયાએ કોપર હાઇટ વઞેરે બહુમાળી આવેલા છે ્
તે સથળે અેક ટૂાફીક સરકલ બનાવવા વીનંતી છે ્
email :joshi.ambaprasad@indiatimes.co.in
Name : joshi ambaprasad satyavan
namaskar to all u,
i request to all u to make one traffic circle near aditya
highet/coper hight, where 5 roads junction, before major
accident occure. 5 road junction done by one road coming
from raiya telephone exchange, 2nd coming from mamasaheb
jagya at raiya road,3rd from kadva patel kanya
chhatralay,opp. nilakanthnagar, 4th & 5th road coming from
sadhu vasavani road.
thank u,
sincearly yours ambaprasad joshi.
email :joshi.ambaprasad@indiatimes.co.in
Name : નિરવ
૧૫૦ફિટ રીંગ રોઙ પર બનતા ફલાઇ ઓવર પાસે સાઈલન્સ ઝોન જાહેર કરો.
email :drnirav007@yahoo.co.in
Name : Jignesh Kakkad

On the Raiya Road (Raiya Circle) there is big problem of
traffic accident, on the chowk (Raiya circle) the traffic
signle and police sicurity are only for the shows, the
trafic police are doing their duties like statue and the
traffic signle is not working so the accidents occurs many
times, so you need to clear this solution on top priority.
email :jigneshkakkad@hotmail.com
Name : Ramesh
pl check very hard trafik after noon.location mavdi mn road
email :vachhani_rk@yahoo.com
Name : varad
Mainly on 150 ft ring road – near perfect show room &
newly constructed Sterling hospital, almost majority
portion of road has been blocked by cows. Problem is
maximum in morning time @7.00 which is school time & all
cyclists, rickshaws, school bus has to suffer a lot.

On raiya road, between hanuman madhi & Raiya circle, one
can’t judge actual width or broadness of Road. After some
time perhaps the only place to drive will be divider –
Bcoz, other portion of road is for COWS & HAWKERS only.

I think most of the bikers & other vehicle drivers are
ready to give a small token amount to traffic police on
regular basis to help us in smooth & tension free driving
and for saving us from diesel 3-wheelers, cows etc. The
total amount collected by them will be more then collected
from other sources.

email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Name : varad
Each main road of GREAT city RAJKOT has only a small
place to drive or for vehicles. Major area of each road
has been occupied by COWS & other animals.

Is Corporation waiting for someone’s sacrifice ?

The duty of Traffic police is only to collect fines – they
are unaware of obstacles on roads, they are unaware of
problems of drivers.

email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Name : varad
New BRTS project has special track for COWS & other
animals ? or there will be same situation & problem as at
present ?
email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Name : Rajen Doshi
The major reason for traffic problems rise due to 6 major
factors only. They are 1) Cows on the road 2) Hawkers’
encroachment on sides of the road 3) Pedestrians walking
and crossing the road anywhere 4) Frequent digging of
roads 5) Inadequate traffic control-points 6) Improper
If these are focus and taken care of by planning and
determination, 90% of the problem would be in control.
Moreover, it is seen almost everywhere in the city that
one-way roads and No-parking rules are made to break. If
that are made strict to obey, rest of the problems would
also get removed. Instead of focusing on fining for such
offence, the aim has to keep on preventing to break the

email :rajenadoshi@yahoo.co.in
Name : Shailesh J Desai
Please provide speed breakers especially where roads are
crossing at small intervals (e.g in old jagnath area )Also
rule of one way road should be strictly followed.
email :yashvee2006@gmail.com
Name : jatin chetta
i am residing at raiya road and daily there was traffic
jams at railway crossing. my suggestion is that there was a
no divider at railway crossing and peoples are tried to get
from wrong side and it will creat long jams and lots of
smoke. also vehicals from chudasama plot trying to go to
mahila college road and vehicals from mahila college road
tried to go to chudasama plot. both the trafic and rotune
traffic creats lots of prolbem. the solution is that, there
should be a divider till railway crossing.
wishing that this work should be done quickly to solve the
big problems at raiya road.

email :jatin_chetta73@rediff.com
Name : Mathews Kurien
Dear Sir,
Now-a-days, the regulation of traffic has become very
essential. The work of constructing dividers on many of
the main roads is a commendable job done by RMC. Likewise,
in the coming days almost all the roads of Rajkot should
have dividers to control accidents and smooth flow of
traffic. Thanks. Hoping for the best at the earliest.
email :arsun9849@yahoo.co.in
Name : Ca.Ambarish M.Shelat
Please encorage pepople to follow the rule of Trafic and
do overtake from right side only. Give side indicator
while turning side.Please advertise Slogn like this for
trafic "Mard ki trh right side se overtake kigia ".Give
guidance to School and colledge student for driving
vehicle.Start best driving copitetion.
email :am_shelat99@yahoo.co.uk
Respected Sir,
I would like to inform you that Iam up-down Rajkot to
Shapar daily by car,There are Two wheeler & three wheeler
riders are very disturb on road for overtaking & also two
wheeler riders are driving careless on road.Which I
suggest to please there are compalsary drive on service
road for two and three wheelers.This is very helpful for
two & three wheeler riders safty.
email :pvp108@yahoo.co.in
Name : Bobby pandya
The 150 Ft Ring Road has become condemned due to rains.
Now, RMC is spoiling it more by patching the same with
MURRAM & METAL. The metal spreads out within a Day or Two
and causes accidents. Few days back there was TV news that
some of Muni. Corp. have purchased one vibrator type
machine, which is patching the holes on roads with Coal
Tar and metal by pressing and fixing it within few
minutes. These repairs lasts long.

Can we think for same advanced technology or we are
interested in continuing the RMC vision " KHATA hamara
KHATA rahega" and " Hum to Nahi Sudhrenge- Contractors
kamayenge to hum jiyenge" ?????
email :pbobby2007@yahoo.co.in
Name : citizan of Rajkot
Namskar sir,
Behind R.M.C in Kanak Road $ Karanpara road Everyday
on that road many cows are siting and standing on the main
road, so many people, two viehlar and car all r in
trobuling pass the road, sometime ago one outof Rajkot man
was walk on karanpara road, on that time one cow is run
and injured that man, his injury is very big, after
sometime he is died, so i request you this cow problem is
very big and take stape urgentely please sir,

email :a.ak99@yahoo.com
Name : mahavir
Respected sir
You have taken tremendous effort in increasing the green
cover of rajkot that will reduce the air pollution.
My request to you sir is that steps also be taken to reduce
noise pollution.Air horns are repeatedly used to scare
people which might lead to fatal accident
sometimes.unnecessary loud honking is done everywhere on the
Commuting by cycling is becoming dangerous too.
email :mahavirbos@hotmail.com
Name : Dharmesh vakil
Respected Sir,

You must see the civil hospital chowk,
there is no zibra crossing overall. Some volantiares must
guide the people about crossing the road.
thank you very much.
email :dharmesh.vakil@yahoo.com
Name : varad savla
R/s sir,Since last few years RMC is doing extremly good
work, taking maximum efforts to keep Rajkot clean, to
regulate traffic, to give people enough facility and
others. Really a hard & appreciating work done. we expect
the same in the future and we assure our support in every
I would like to draw your attn. towards traffic between
Kishanpara chowk to raiya circle and between raiya circle
to Madhapar chowkadi. There is terrific nuisance of diesel
auto rickshaw. I am sure that all people travelling on this
route will be agree with this. There may be fix stops for
rickshaw also. Law of Taking limited passanger is also only
on paper. Pl. try to do something for this matter.Regards.
email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Name : Jayaben
Instead of sending the tractor cage van, the cattles
should be trapped by circus cages. You must have seen the
cage of circuses, in which the team builds a big fence
surrounding the rig. Likewise the team of RMC should go
and trap the raod blocking cattles in a large cage and
then one by one that can be transferred to cattle yard.

email :jaya@yahoo.co.in
Name : ambaprasad s. joshi
respected sir,(1) please, hoarding a notice board as like
as radium colour painted singnal board, on elec.pole for
three small speed breaker ,either up & down side road,near
raiya tele. exchange.(2)There r too many dirty in the
toilet of most of commercial complex. In some of them
ladies toilets r closed or using for other individual
purpose. Owner or managemant is not taking for cleanig.
Plz., tell them to clean & open for both sex.
Thank u.
yours faithfully,
ambaprasad joshi
email :ask2jyotishi4myfuture@yahoo.co.in
Name : nagrik of rajkot
There are hundreds of stray dogs on the road, which create
problems for people who are driving two wheelers and going
by walk. In th ename of "Jiv daya" you can do "dharam" on
the cost of other peoples life, if these : jeev daya"
peoples are worried about these dogs they must keep them in
their houses, same as applicable to cows
email :nagrikofrajkot@gmail.com
Name : Shashikant Ganatra
Dear Commissioner,
At present I am in USA but native of Rajkot. I must
congratulate you for starting website which still requires
improvements but though it is good if you are reading the
suggestions as you appealed.
There are so many things to be done in Rajkot particularly
in traffic as parents have worries regarding their childeren
to return home safely from school. There should be
sufficient space on roads for cycles of students.
(2) Bus service should be regularised with pick-up
stands,timings, ferquencies ,students concessions etc.
(3) There are no ladies toilets in whole of the city. If a
lady gone for shopping in the market where she may go for
Anyhow, there are so many things to be done if you really
mean for suggestion and impementation.
I hope you might be reading the suggestions.
Thanks you very much for good effort.
Shashikant Ganatra
email :shashikant.ganatra@gmail.com
Name : j n Acharya
Cows sitting on roads are dangerous for traffic.Will you
be kind enough to arrange to catch such cows from
roads.Can any system can be formed to inform about cow
sitting on rod to RMC on any given mobile no./Landline who
on hearing can take immediate action to remove such
nuesanse ?
email :jna108@gmail.com
Name : JIgnesh patel
Rajkot is the city in development stage...and is developing
at fast pase.. It is this period in which if few thinking
is done and arrengments are made for the coming
future ...MOST the problems which BigMetro are phasing
right now, can be solved. Traffic is the Biggest problem
phased by every town once it turn into MegaCity , no matter
in any part of world.. So why not Making Rajkot Unique In
That Matter. Develop Unique Traffic Rules and arrangements
Which will Become Model For every Other City to follow. I
Am citizen of Rajkot with Little Stastical detial About
Traffic Condition, So I, insteed of my suggestion, Would
Request Traffic Department to Come Up with Good Futuristic
Plans Long Term Plans Instead of short term. So , LET US
being Citizen of Rakot. I Hope all Rajkotians are Wishing
the Same.
email :xbhai@yahoo.com
(1) Proper parking in Commercial Building
(2) Implimantation of One way in following Roads
(A) Dharmendra Road (B) Lakhajiraj Road
(C) Sadar Bazar
email :h_l_parmar@yahoo.com

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