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તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
My suggestion for Professional tax Dept.
1.Pl arragne simple procedure for availing Registration
2.Do not insist to collect Prof. tax from F.Y.2005-06
because businesss started recent year will have to pay from
the said year. i think it is not rule of justice.if you will
have to pay from FY 2005-06 then you can realize situation.
3.Many person want to register in professional tax
department but due to point 2 mentioned above do not take
number after inquiry with professinal tax department.
4.Make a scheme for professional tax registration, that
professional tax will be charged from date of commencement
and not from FY 2005-06. With this income of Professional
tax will increcase automatically.
5.With hope you will understand matter.

email :sachinkarathiya29@gmail.com
Name : mihir shukla
i think so many shops in the rajkot
But many shops have a no proliferation Tex licence
i think check every shops every shops cover in pro.tex

email :mihir_xin@yahoo.com
Name : jitendra degama
સાહેબ શ્રી,
(1)મારે માહીતી મેળવવી છે કે શોપ લાયશન્સ ક્ઢાવવા માટે મારે કેટલા ડોક્યુમેન્ટ
આપવા પડશે અને તેની ફીસ શુ હોય છે.
(2)અરજી આપ્યા તારીખ ના દીવસ થી કેટલા દીવસમા શોપેક લાયસન્સ મળી
જાય આભાર .

email :krrishna_jeet@yahoo.com
Name : Pathak siddharth
Have taken any action against the complaints you received,
mainly opening and operating shops that generate public
nuisance in the residential zones?

email :p.sidd.bio@gmail.com
Name : રવિ પટેલ
સાહેબ શ્રી,
(1)મારે માહીતી મેળવવી છે કે શોપ લાયશન્સ ક્ઢાવવા માટે મારે કેટલા ડોક્યુમેન્ટ
આપવા પડશે અને તેની ફીસ શુ હોય છે.
(2)અરજી આપ્યા તારીખ ના દીવસ થી કેટલા દીવસમા શોપેક લાયસન્સ મળી
જાય આભાર .

email :patelravi2595@gmail.com
Name : ashok
many color lab is open at night i think 24 hour they work.
is their any rule...? or sweet eyes of RMC Officer...?
some digital lab open on sunday also.....please do
email :ashok@gmail.com
Name : pan38lg
respected sir,
Rajkot is beautifull city... everybody knows that single
lady or girl can walk at midnight on road without fear.
but now a days shop of PANS go to open up to midnight, and
many collegians or road side boys are hooked up to midnight
thir.. In residance aria you also parmit to open Shiop of
PAN , and thir is nusence...boys are laughing up to
mmidnight thier and people of society are harresd their..
please do some thing for them....
email :dfsdffd@gmail.com

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