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Water distribution
તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
Name : vijay sorathiya
varsad na pani no sangrah rasta par je jagya par pani vadhare jama thatu hoy tya drilling karavi ne kari sakay chhe.jene lidhe jamin mathi prapt thata pani na star ma vadharo kari sakay ane aavnari pedhi ne pani ni tangi ni samasy thi pan bachavi sakay.
email :vijaysorayhiya07@gmail.com
Name : Mahendrabhai Gajera(Ex-Army)
Sir, with profound respect I would like to state the following few lines on behalf of citizens of Shivsagar park located near Kothariy village, opp. Durvani kendra Kothariy:- The drinking water is not supply in ibid area. Please do the needful at yo
email :mahendragajera.321@mail.com
Name : valay
plz give water line in mota mauva in kalawad road,rajkot
email :valaymithani@yahoo.in
Name : Rajesh Mehta
We r not getting any sms when there is any change in supply schedule of water. kindly inform us by sms if there is any change in schedule of water supply , so that we can manage the water timings. Regards Rajesh Mehta
email :rlm_raj@yahoo.co.in
Name : devang
rajkot ma gaikale narmada nu pani natu aavyu etle ward
number 12 ma panikap hato, aaje pan evening news paper ma
chhe ke jo aaje ratre 9 vagya sudhi ma narmada nu pani na
aavyu to kale pan pani nai aave. this is really unfair.
narmada neer regular thai aevu kaik karo. 2 divas pani na
aave to jene vechatu pani nathi posatu ae shu kare, pani ae
prathmik jaruriyaat che, ane sauthi agatyano prashn chhe, je
haju ukelayo j nathi.
email :dewang.thakkar@gmail.com
Name : tejas
Dear sir
saraswatinager ma water 6:00 to 6:20 minit water aveche ane amare uchai
vadi jagya hovathi water ochu ave che. Tethi water force vadharva vinanti
ane amara area ma water na ger kaydesar na connection kapva vinanti ......

email :kachatejas111@gmail.com
Name : sanjay patel
વહેલી સવારે પાણી વિતરણ સમયે અઘિકારીઑ ચેકિંગમા આવતા ન હોવાથી ખૂબ
જ પાણી ચોરી થાય છે જૅ રૉકવી જરુરી છે.
email :sanjaychovatiya2009@gmail.com
એસ.ટી.વોર્ક્શોપ નજીક ઢેબર રોડ અને ગોંડલ રોડ જોઇન્ટ કરતા નાલીયામાં આવર
નવાર પાણીની લાઈન લીકેજ થાય છે અત્યારે પીવા પાણી મળતું નથી તો ખોટું વેડફાય
email :jagdishjoshi18@yahoo.com
Name : rushikesh
amre aaj 4 divas thaya 6e pani nathi aavyu to kyare aav 6e. wod. no.20
email :rushikesh.vysd@stfc.co.in
Name : vipul
we can increase storage capacity or built a new dem or increse
the hight of dem
email :vipulimbadia@gmail.com
પાણી માટે શિયાળમા પાણી એકાતરા આપવુ જોઈએ
email :deep.raj054@gmail.com
Name : rajnikant sinha
email :dxy@rediffmail.com
Name : Alpesh
I want to know, what should be the water distribution in
Litters per house i.e. per Water connection. Recently,
water is distributed every alternate day. So, please let me
know about the figure, as I want to plan for coming summer.

Reply Soon.
Reply me on my mobile.
email :alpesh.senjlia@gmail.com
amara rail nagar na rameshvar park vistar ma pani no forse
bahu dhimo che mate pani forse ma ave tevi apeksha che

thank u
email :anand_jani@ymail.com
Name : jaman
I m a citizen of rajkot in oir area dirty water cimes from
corporation lije dranage water from last 25 days. pl. do
somthing otherwise pleple will be ateck to corporation.
150 feet ring road gulab vatika
email :spvmbiology@yahoo.co.in
Name : mayank k hathi
from last few days drinking water is very dirty so it is
harmful for health,we are paying water tax so right to get
clean water.
email :hathimayank@gmail.com
Name : Bhavesh Solanki
Pls. if possible Keep ONE HOLIDAY in every week or two week
or in one month.

So we can SAVE WATER for FUTURE and for NATURE.


email :oshocomputer@gmail.com
Name : KrinaParmar
જેના પાણીની લાઇન પર નળ ન હોય એ બધાને નોટીસ આપો.પાણીની લાઈન ઉપર
નળ ફરજીયાત કરો.જેથી પાણીનો બગાડ અટકશે.
email :krina.parmar2001@yahoo.com
Name : dudhatra mukund
pani mate atyarni sistam fa mahatvano sudharo karvathi
darek ne 24 kalak pani gas saplay ni jem mali sake tem chhe
jema (1)chokhu pali direct kheti ne koi pan dem ke talav
mathi na apvu and te pani sidhu city k village ne appi te
nu gandu pani nikle te thodu filter kari kheti ne api
sakay (2)halma pani saplay ma dem mathi pani je rite upadi
ne ek tenk mathi biji tenk ma nakhvani rit chhe te khoti
dem uper thi pani upad dem pase j filter plan hovo joi
j dem na level thi niche hoi pumping ni jaruur na pade and
tyar bad tene pumping kari saher ni over head tenk ma pade
ane tyathi sidhu (GAS)saplay ni jem direct connection hovu
joi koi pan ghar ke office ma under ground k over head
tenk ni jarur na pade and lagbhag (90%ELECTIRIC ) ni bacht
thai ane ghar ke office ke factori nu pani kheti yogya
filter kari kheti ne api
sakay vadhare
viga samaj va mate contect kari sakso mo no
9374118929,9375118929 DUDHATRA MUKUND(BATSMAN)
email :dudhatramukund@yahoo.co.in
Name : rajesh
I am your fan. since you have come to rajkot you have done
so many good things and we are getting the benefit. But I
request you to solve the water supply problem. in our city
honest tax payers do not get enough water and the people
with bhutia get more water with bigger line,direct pumping
and so many other sources.
So i request you to apprehend bhutias regularly so that
corporation can get tax in future otherwise these people
will never pay tax.
i request you to give this top priority.
there are so many bhutias in rajkot. every one knows it.
please do some thing

email :sangeet.rajesh@rediffmail.com
Name : rajesh
You are collecting tax from honest people every year.
But i am very sorry to tell you that the roads of rajkot
city are very dangerous to drive. there are so many
khaddas in almost every major road.
More over there are 25000 bhutias in rajkot. every one
knows that. You apprend only 3 to 4 people daily. due to
bhutias you loose crores of rupees since many years. but
you do not take action against them.
Due to this honest tax payers can not get the water
email :sangeetaraju@rediffmail.com
Name : hemant shah
look at he waste the water dept,and the contractors
make.Since last 3 dats water is flowing from the
underground pipes near indira circle opp kohinoor appart.
But nobody is bothered,and the citizens in general face
water crises. commissioner Please do something,and
penalize the contractors and concerned officer of RMC.
email :hv_shah2008@rediffmail.com
Name : Hitesh Makwana
our water distribution time is very very early morning 4:00 AM
for women so difficult to manage this time. so please keep
this time around 5 AM to 5-30 AM every morning. Because our
area is industrial worker(Men & Women)Area. Women worker
complete their work up to 7-30 AM. so 4AM not a good time
but 5 to 5-30 very good time for them. Last year you keep
very strong distribution for all rajkot My hearty
congratulation for this arrangement for good management next
every year. Thank you for all staff of RMC.
email :pn2hitu@yahoo.co.in
Name : A K Bhanagar
Dear Mr Commissioner sir,
A number of water connection holders are directly
attaching their electric motors to water mains during the
periods of water supply by the RMC. In view of continuous
complaints lodged with the RMC. A practical solution that
comes in the minds of many people is to disconnect
electricity in the zone duing the period of water supply.
It will be a god idea to work on it with all its prons and
cons. It will also be good if a public opinion is also
sought on this issue.
a k b
email :ak-b@in.com
Name : ashwin .b. savalia
respected, commissioner saheb,
our 13.manhar plot, mangla road street in that street
water are comming so dirty since last 4 or 5 days,
kindly do needful we us. our timing for water is 3.45 pm
email :munna_kirana@yahoo.com.in
Name : Utkarsh Desai
Our resi. is in ward no.10...our corporation water timings
are 5.30 am..but,regulaly water is coming..around 6
am..amd force is also too low.many times we have inform at
call cemtre..it becomes regular..only timings..but water
force is too low..pl do something.
email :utkdesai@gmail.com
Name : varad savla
Sir,No one is giving proper guidance on our problem. We
are residents of a big society very near to corporation
area & very close to water pipeline. But we are in
Madhapar region. Pl. provide information on how to get
email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Name : dilipkumar umarania
The recent water cut imposed by RMC is totally
illegal,unfair and untimely. Its pity that RMC gives just
20 minutes that too, alternate day which is totally
insufficient for even small family. Hence, please lift
this water cut and arrange min.40 minutes of water to
citizens of Rajkot. You know, we have spent crores of
rupes for this water supply and inspite of spending huge
amount, water issue is not still solved. Hence, this
matter has to be treated seriously in the interest of
citizens of Rajkot.

It is also pity that no Corporator is paying serious
attention in this water issue which is affecting to layman.

Dilipkumar Umarania-RAJKOT-4

email :dilip_dilip2004@yahoo.co.in
Name : varad savla
R/s sir,Since last few years RMC is doing extremly good
work, taking maximum efforts to keep Rajkot clean, to
regulate traffic, to give people enough facility and
others. Really a hard & appreciating work done. we expect
the same in the future and we assure our support in every
We are resident of Ayodhya residency, 150 ft ring road,
near jamnagar highway. Is there any possibility of water
connection there ? This is a serious problem, pl. do
something. We are ready to pay tax etc.
email :varadsavla@gmail.com
Honourable Brahmbhatt Saheb

To steal water is equivalent to stealing anything else.
Why dont you publish names of people who are found using
illegal water connections in DAILY NEWS PAPERS. A special
column should be added to all the news paper and the names
of such persons with address must be prominently
highlighted in daily news papers. Moreover they must be
charged at higher rates in all kind of taxes for one full
year. Ultimately they are eating up government resources
and your time. It takes lot of efforts and manpower to
detect such connections, so you must collect all such
expenses from the people who are found using illegal

Please give it a thought.


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