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Citizen's Forum 

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City development plan
તમારૂ સૂચન આપો Add Your Comment
Name : ar. nimisha kansagara
monsoon is approaching and its time to initiate a movement
of tree plantation, please start some programm by which
citizens of rajkot join this movement and we can have a
massive tree plantation to reduce environmental issues to
some degree.
email :saketkansagara@ymail.com
Name : architect nimisha kansagara
the commissioner is doing a wonderful job and we the
citizens are proud of you, just one suggestion please
involve citizens in different categories as per their
willing ness to work for the city. we are interested in
planting trees for green rajkot, please let us know if
rmc can aid in any way
email :saketkansagara@ymail.com
Name : Praful Popat
Current municipal commissioner Mr. Nehara has been doing
excellent job for the city.Right from the problem of
strayed animals to slum clearance to pot-holed roads to
bulldozing unauthorized construction to razing
unauthorized parking and so on. I am very much impressed
with his silent but strong style of functioning. 10
times hats off to him and his team!
email :prafulpopat18@gmail.com
Name : architect nimisha kansagara
our office is situated on amin marg, and here there are
lots of commercial buildings who have done compound walls
or raised plinth level so that vehicles cant be parked,
please take necessary actions. this includes city civic
center as well
email :saketkansagara@ymail.com
Name : ashish parsana
as on date still not understand that why t.p. road block in
rajkot? will it open or not n what this city development
authority doing if they cant develop properly then should
shut off it
email :ashi2008@gmail.com
it is need of the time to construct a swimming pool in ward
no 12/13. there is adequate land available near Gopal Chow
k or near Rojary school , owned by RMC which could be an
ideal location for swimming pool .
email :gopalbhila@yahoo.com
Name : Anand Rangpara
The bridge on the Jamnagar road is quite old and narrow
as compared to the one on the Aji river. The number of
population has increased the number of vehicles on the
road but despite this the bridge remains the same. The
Sandhiyo pul should be widened as soon as possible.
Especially bicycles and motorcycles are in danger when
passing on the bridge, heavy vehicles often cause
email :abrangpara@outlook.com
Name : amrut patel
road work are going on b/h swati society ,on staya sai
road is very good, thanks to implimenting authority, but
their is one strom water passes across the newly
construced road but their is not provided cross drain, it
is must otherwise strom water stagnent about 2.00
feet,and people have to leave in unhigenic condition, do
email :menparaaa@live.com
Name : Chintan Tushar Mehta
There are so many clauses in GDCR which are controversial. plz make it clear.
email :mehtac98@yahoo.com
Name : dipen
Please do something about road bitween bhaktinagar railway
station and gondal road ,the half road is complety damage so
both way trafic is travelling in one side.
email :dipen_nandha@yahoo.co.in
Name : Dipen Gohel
Dear Sir,
First to tell that thanks for project to being Rajkot as
Smart City-Clean City.

I just want to request to you that 1 of the busy traffic
passing road as Raiya Road is under beautification but
there are 2 big dump nearby Amrapali Railway Crossing
exactly 1 at near Roshni Pan and 1 at Ronak Soda Soap
which needs to be repair. Hence requesting to you please
repair the same ASAP.

Dipen Gohel
email :dipengohel@yahoo.com
Name : Dilip Javiya
Here requesting that cattle are major sources of garbage and
pollution Rajkot. Hence,the animal husbandry department to
consider setting up cattle hostels.

To focus public at unacceptable levels of cleanliness for
cattle. The corporation , the authority should give the
importance to this .

This is part of cleanness and other i would suggest it to
deploy team of dog catchers and cattle catchers in the area
to control of menace of stray dogs and cattle.

With a hope to light this suggestion,

Dilip Javiya
email :xmanjd@gmail.com
Name : Mayank yadav
rmc ma bahar padta contract bharti ni update ahiya aapo
email :mayankyadav11.my@gmail.com
Name : ankit Vaja
Everyday cleaning and supervision by rmc
officer and make public aware about
development benefits of city. Give a
chance to voluntar to perform for any kind
of work relating to development. Focus on
young generation to change and progress.
email :ankit.vaja2000@gmail.com
Name : yogesh babubhai basida
ટીપી જાહેરનામા નકલો ઓનલાઈન મુકવામાં આવે મારે 14 15 ટીપી ઠરાવ નિ નકલ જોઈએ છે
email :Ybasida@gmail.com
Name : Patel
Hello everyone. As many of you may know,
the road between Bhakti Nagar Station and
Gondal Road (satya vijay ice-cream) was
newly built. Asa it was built, the very
next day pipe fitting work started and dug
up half the road patch work was done, but
the road is still in worst condition, thus
effectively only half the road is being
used. Wanted to post the pic, but no
option. I guess with very little work,
thus could be solved. Respected
authorities, plz take note and do
necessary work. Thanks
email :viren1225@gmail.com
Name : vallabhdas devjibhai vala
How can we get BPL CARD to use AMRUTAM YOJNA for my family????
email :nikitavala@gmail.com
Dear Sir,

Greetings from Darshak Karia

At many places I have observed that road dividers and
garden in dividers is occupying large space and traffic
on that area is so heavy that instead of such garden
occupying large space that area is vacated and road is
broaden that will solve traffic jam problem, for example
divider on Kalawad Road near Kotecha Circle has very
large garden and fountain which is not running is
occupying large area and if this space is vacated then
traffic problem in this area can be solved. Same way near
Swaminarayan Temple near Mahila College, large area is
occupied by some religious monument and this area can be
cleaned up to broaden the road, same way on Saturdays at
Hanumanji Temple at Swaminarayan Mandir on Kalawad Road
and Premvati Restaurant there is causing lots of traffic
problem and some solution should be thought of to stop
traffic jam in this area.

Hope some positive initiative in this regard.


Darshak Karia
email :darshak_karia@hotmail.com
Name : vipul bhai k dav
jilla garden road par light bane side nakhvi.. tya bov j pro Che
email :ahir599@gmail.com
sir, if we really do for Swachchh Rajkot you need to clean
every road & street is to be clean like

1- University road - Karansinhji Road, Ring Road, Raiya
road, there is a regular Cow Seated In the Middle of Road.
(You need to Option for that of Other Places

2- Each & Every Road there is a Larry & food trolley shop
in all city & all road , no way to clean them ..? , BCZ

Where is a UNDER Ground call centre HAM AA RAHE HE APANA
SAMAN HATALO GADI NIKALI HAI ( Stop That Process & Secret
this mission if you send one team from one side then you
send second team from other way & all small street & main
road cordon at a one time then we get result.

i give suggestion & if some people explore this & so, many
people against me.

Some thing like that ---" Acchchhe kam karne wale ka hal
bura" Dekh te hai Age kya hoga .. good commissioner hope
for good work..

Jay Hind
Name : Rajendrasinh Gohil
Respected Sir,
Congrats for clearing the road at Jubely vegetable market first time in last
40 years since I am in Rajko
email :rrgohil@yahoo.o.in
Name : mukesh humanist
Dear sir
Chunarawad chauk pr 7 ne 20 no time chhe pn kyarek 10
minutes vehli toh kyarek 15 minutes modi aave chhe n amare
miss thay jay chhe toh plz time pr aave tevu posaible narhi?
email :mmkuriya@gmail.com
Name : cholera hardik m
first of all if we want to make city a smart city then make
city clean by making large road and traffic control. there
are many stalls like lassi,ghughra,chai are there on the
road.give them a proper place for sell. city buses are
facing the problem of traffic.roads near to the bigbazzar
are on construction. but where is workers? pay attention
there. if every people from our city has awareness of our
program then and only then we can do it.select young
volenteeres from colleges and give them work and employment
for this program. and bring sponcership from well known
companies for this work. and make sure that no one can
corrupt this money.that is the huge problem of our leaders.

email :h.cholera1@gmail.com
Name : rohit
Respected sir, at above
mentioned address, in street
no-12 , some huts of bharwad
community is situated, which I
think is illegal construction and
that should be removed.
Because this huts make
dirtiness in street due to cow
and buffalo parking and
develop mosquito in this area.I
am not sure about this illegal
construction is being done on
government Land so my
request is to search out this
construction is illegal or legal
and if it found illegal than
remove this huts and make free
government land and give
hygiene lifestyle to staying
people in this area.
email :rohitmthp2006@yahoo.com
Name : Pratik Vasoya
We really need to have a plan make city like other
international city. First thing we need to is with cleaning
of the city. we need to maintain our city very clean. we
need to have special tools for the cleaning like machine .
We need to give proper training to our people. We have to
raise awareness among the people.
Along this we need to put underground pipeline in every
street to go rain water into the dam for storage and future
i would say that we should stop all the construction in new
area because we should first put a plan like international
city. then we should go ahead. We have to make bigger roads
with facility of special parking for all bikes, cars,
rickshaws, taxi along with special path for walking.
if we are making building then we should make very tall so
we can use the space. we have to create parking rules for
bike, cycle, cars.
We have to remove all dust, sand and rocks from the city. we
should hire professional from other country which can give
training to our people.
We should take all the cows dogs from the street and keep it
to one place. from there we can take milk from the cows and
sell it to cheaper price.
We have to plant trees along both sides of the road in all
news area development. we have to make city clean and green.
email :pratikarise@outlook.com
Name : Abhishek Chavda
Nowadays the numbers of accidental death and injuries are
increased. We must have the speed limit rule with the watch
of traffic police. We must have rules but the people used to
break the rule cause of our system.
Our area has too much wastage of water so need to stop it by
RMC to give a general notice only. All used to wash the car
and the falia everyday with lots of wastage.
We require speed breakers in our society as youngsters are
drives too fast in small streets as well.
There are so many points to increase. Please take care if
this site is really develop for use.

email :abhi.chavda@gmail.com
Name : Mehul Harpal
Dear Sir,

Request to Make a Road From Kalavad Road to Ambika TownShip.
It will be very bad condition in this Monsoon. It’s our
Heartly invitation to come at Ambika township and visit this
Road. You can understand how much peaple get trouble to
travelling on it.

We have already done very much Request at west zone office
also gave request in written to Deputy Commitioner on 21-05-

Last year in monsoon the bridge of Nanamauva near Police
head quarter was broken and Corporator of our area Mr.
Bhikhabhai Vasoya and Mr. Rajubhai Boricha has committed to
make a Better Road for the same. This work has been started
but it is too slow to complete. In monsoon each and every
day one man/Ladies/Children get Injured Due to slip in the
mud on this road. Please take this matter as a seriously.

If on Alternet Bridge Get Damage in this monsoon and
somebody face accident on it then who will be responsible
for this matter?????????????

So it’s Request again Please Visit Kalavad road to Ambika
townShip and do needful As soon as possible.
email :mehul_harpal@yaho.com
Name : Kartik parmar
Pls Removed Street dog ..Bsc its Very Complicated Case in
rajkot...and ots also Hindrance is people transportion in
street ... so pls take a some steps in our soscity... and
make our life fearless...

Thanks Regarde ,
Kartik parmar
email :pkartik139@gmail.com
Name : hiren chhaniyara
every one school and college are connected with Birth date
registration online so, put all birth date data online and
all school and college connected with one software so RMC
and other punchayat,Municipality, and Other government unit
earn money by issued charges of use of this online software
and any one boy and girl not need look correction in them
leaving certificate and easily make a passport and any other
activity so plz Make online software and provide every one
school and college and any information regarding call me i
have alredy Computer engineering software development Team
email :hiren@credester.com
Name : Bhavesh Pandya
Please do the needful to complete the new development of
raiya road as soon as possible. Further we require name
plate at out society" Amidhara Avanue"Thanking you
email :bhavesh_pandya123@rediffmail.com
Name : Arvind Mandalia
This is not complaint.
We request to arrange to make DAMAR/PUCCA Road in the
society area. The society is well developed now. DAMAR road
has been completed in nearby societies since very long period.

Being the basic amenities, please look into the matter and
arrange to comply with the work as early as possible.
The corporater of this area must be aware of the matter.
Your service will be highly appreciated.....THANKS

email :aroon.mandalia@yahoo.com
Name : Hitesh Parghi
A Fly over Required at KOTECHA CIRCLE on immediate
basis...Why no plans are being discussed about it..
email :hitesh.parghi79@gmail.com
Name : nanjibhai julasana
I am residing at the above address. Near my residence,
there is school named JIVAN SHANTI SCHOOL. The school has
enchroached the road by at least two to three feet towards
the university road and it has not put margin for corner
too. We face difficulties of the vehicles being parked
anywhere by the students and all. Some other activities
also being carried there since the permission might be for
school only. Hope, rectification measures would be taken.
email :nhjulasana@yahoo.com
Name : Prashant Gorvadia
Respected sir,

Rajkot is very developed in last few year.

But my question is this you just started demolition at Bhagvati
para for over bridge work

we all ready to give you permission to demolation of house and
shops but you have to provide some notice period (like 2-3

so we will arrangement of home and shops

And i hope overbridge is very helpful to Bhagvatipara Area people

My question in short form is : give us Notice of 2-3 for over
bridge demolation

if you already provide Notice period for 2-3 months than ignore my
request This just my question not telling you forse fully give us
2-3 months time period for demolations

Prashant Gorvadia
email :phgorvadia@gmail.com
Name : Hiren
Dear Sir, Can we have a round-about circle at Mavdi Chowkdi.
The traffic there is viscious and there are people coming
from all directions. And this being a highway, there are
trucks, buses and big vehicles running too. Its very very
difficult to protect ourselves from accident during peak
traffic time.

Please please propose a round-about circle at Mavdi Chowkdi.
email :hd151210@gmail.com
Name : Trupti
Please make road between raiyia gam to T.N. Raw college near
saurashtra college rajkot.
email :tcchaniyara19@gmail.com
Name : r m patel
પ્રતિ શ્રી,
કમિશ્નર શ્રી,

રાજકોટમાં ઘણી બધી ગેર કાયદેસર શાળાઓ ચાલુ છે. જેઓએ શાળા ચાલુ કરવા
માટે મંજુરી લીધેલ નથી. તો તેમની સામે પગલા લેવા વિનંતી
email :kd@yahoo.com
respected sir,
please make road divider on SADHU VASVANI ROAD. at present
very much heavy vehicle passing and overtake so quickly make
road divider.
niraj ukani. ward no. 12
email :nirajukani69@gmail.com
Name : Ratilal Sitapara
Dear Sir,
At Bhagwatipara, Nandanvan society, Street No.1 to 4
Request you for Repairing of road,also there is NO Street
Light, and also there is NO Water supply, and Garbage

email :hotravi92@gmail.com
Name : Renu gurubaxani
athi sir ne janavvanu k amari aaspass na badha j vistar ma
damar raod thai gyo che .paranto amari sheri na addha
bhagma ek bhangar car no nadtar hovathi tya damar thato
nathi.car na owner pan car upadta nathi.tamne vinanti k car
updavine damar road kari jao.badhane tya damar road thay che
to amare tya satho sath thai j javo joie..kemke amara vistar
ma khub j kachro thay che .tethi bimario thavano bhay rahe
che ane vistar pan ekdam gandgi bharyo dekhay che...asha che
k tame tukma 2-3 divas ma jaruri pagla lesho.......

hathikhana sheri no 7
email :renu.gurubaxani@gmail.com
Develop Garden beside the AJI River, totally non used
place using for unlegal work. If RMC not capable, please
give to private sector for the same.
Look good and clear river. somthing like europe.
email :vaishnavbharat111@yahoo.co.in
Name : Dr. C.H. Vithalani
Thank you very much for constructing Damar Road inside
Ambika Township, New and highly growing area on west part
of Rajkot City. People are very happy due to construction
of Damar roads in Town Planning scheme No. 26 (Ambika
Township area). It seems that RMC is taking steps to
improve facilities in the city. We wish that efforts will
continue in future ....
email :c_h_vithalani@yahoo.com
Name : Dipesh adesara
moti tanki chopwk ma circal ni aju baju je jad (nana Chho6e )
tene kapvani jarur 6e. samethi avta vahan dekhata nathi ane
aksmat no bhay rahe 6e.
email :dkadesara@gmail.com
Name : vipul gorvadiya
Respected Commissioner Sir , Rajkot Municipal Corp. From
:all Residance cut owners of bhagvati para bridge. Here i
would like to say about bhagvati para over bridge. in
bhagvati para over bridge work those owners whose residance
is in cut , must be given residance before taking their
email :vipul_ec2004@yahoo.co.in
Name : President
We can see that many suchit societies in rajkot is having
cement/damar roads but in the areas from where people is
paying regular taxes there are no roads at all.

Request you to start the work of 80 feet road from Kalawad
Road to Ambika township on priority so that it can be
completed before monsoon.

Alternatively we collectively request the residents of this
locality that pls do not pay Corporation Tax for FY2013-14
and collect that money and will make the roads at our

Moreover there is no provision of cleanliness in this area
from corporation. we use to pay out of our pocket to keep
this locality clean even after paying the tax for the same
to corporation.

Do confirm for what all things we are paying tax to the
email :kasturiresidency@gmail.com
Name : ashwin vithalani
dear meyorsir,& commisnor shree
KHAS JARUREE CHHE.= = ashwin vithalani -
email :ashwinvithalani99@gmail.com
Name : Pravin Joshi
Dear Commissioner Sir, I was reading sanjsamachar news
paper today, that you are planning to stop water
fountains,swiming pool etc any water realted activitie, I
do understand shortage of water, however all these get
water recycled and do not need regular filling. This also
is mind set for people and water is soothing. I am not sure
how many public swiming pools are there in Rajkot and Water
fountains? I urge you not to close swiming pools &
fountains. Regards Pravin joshi
email :pravinjoshi@hotmail.co.uk
Name : President
કાલાવાડ રોડ થી અંબિકા ટાઉનશીપ સુધીનો 80 ફૂટનો રોડ ખુબજ ખરાબ હાલતમાં છે. આ
રોડ પર છેલ્લા 5 વર્ષથી ડામર કરવામાં આવેલ નથી. 6 માસ પહેલા આ રોડ ઉપર
સીસી રોડ કરવામાં આવશે તેવી જાહેરાત કરવામાં આવેલ પરંતુ હાલ પણ આ રોડની હાલત
સુધરી નથી. અંબિકા ટાઉનશીપમાં આવેલ કસ્તુરી રેસીડન્સી , જીવરાજ પાર્ક, આર્યશ્રી,
કસ્તુરી કેસલ, જીવરાજ ફલેટ, શાલીભદ્ર ફ્લેટ વગેરે અનેક સોસાયટી તથા ફ્લેટનાં લોકો
તથા અંબિકા ટાઉનશીપની બહાર ભારતનગર, ગોલ રેસીડન્સી વગેરે અનેક લોકો આ રોડનો
ઉપયોગ કરે છે. ચોમાસા દરમિયાન લોકોને આ રોડ પર ખુબજ યાતનાઓનો સામનો કરવો
પડે છે. વિકાસની ફક્ત વાતો થાય છે. લોકોની ફરિયાદ સાંભળવાનો સમય તંત્ર પાસે
નથી. આ રોડ અન્વયે અસંખ્ય વખત રજુઆતો કરવામાં આવી છે પરંતુ તંત્ર તરફથી
યોગ્ય કામગીરી કરવામાં આવતી નથી.
email :kasturiresidency@gmail.com
Dear Sir,

Aji Nadi Sudharva Babte.

Sir Aji Nadi Na Katha Na Vistaro Ma Khubaj Gandaki
Bhareli Hoy Chhe. Temne Yogya Samaye Safai Karvi Joiye, Nadi
Na Pulo Ni Aas Pas Khubaj Gangaki Karva Ma Aaveli Chhe. Exp-
Ramnath Temple Pase Ubhu Revay Tevu Nathi,Ramnath Para No
Main Pull-Pamnath Para Pase No Betho Pull- 80feet Road Pull-
Keshari Pull-Bhagvati Para Pase Na Navistaro. Aa Badhi Jagya
O Par Tatkalik Nadi Safai Karavavi Joiye.Jo Safai Nathi
Karva Ma Avati To Rog-Bumari O Khub Felay Chhe Ne Haju
Vadhare Felay Tevi Shakyata Chhe.
Aji Nadi Ne Sari Rite Safai Ni Jarur Chhe.
Ajia Nadi Nu Pani Khubaj Gandaki Vadu Chhe, Tema
Vadhre Gandaki Na Umeray Te Mate Vicharvu Joiye.
Aa Lata Vasiyo Ne Khubaj Kast Sahan Karvu Pade Chhe
Jeno Rajkot Corporation Safai Officare Nondh Levi Joiye.

Jay HInd Jay Bharat.Jay Garvi Gujarat.
Name : J Joshi
While going towards the University Campus from Prem mandir,
Kalavad Road, On the left side of the road, i.e. opp Jal
bhavan, a kabaaddi has been blocking the road side and
creating a lot of filth on the road. Secondly the road
construction has been stopped during the rainy season and
righnow only one side of the road has been partially
completed. God knows when the authority will awake. God save
email :jjoshi2005@yahoo.com
Name : Sanjay Bothra
Rajkot – A Model Indian City

Like the great cities of the world, we can make Rajkot a
disciplined, orderly, and clean city and the people
respectful, and humane. Like the people in a developed
country, Rajkotians can transform into sensitive and
disciplined persons automatically by duplicating the sheer
impact of the aesthetics and environs here. Nobody will need
any slogans, advertisements, or lessons in discipline and
social awareness to behave in a civilized way, as this will
be an automatic outcome of the refreshing surroundings in
this hometown. Before having any doubts, we must peek into
the history of Singapore, which was a garbage-dump and a
neglected part of Malaysia before one mayor took up the bid
to make it world-class. Singapore is now a flourishing
city-country after having successfully fought away all the
To make Rajkot a model city, the followig time-bound plan of
action will show the way:
1. Stray animals, primarily, cattle and dogs will not be
allowed to move freely on roads. The stray cattle will be
transported to Panjarapoles. The owners can get back their
animals after paying the fee. Similarly, dogs should be
sterilized en-mass. This will be highly beneficial to the
people as this will lead to a clean, green and safe life.
People will extend willing and active support in the drive.
2. All the broken patches on city roads should be repaired
immediately. The speed breakers on roads should be minimum
and smooth, not steep. The highest road safety standards
should be adopted to make moving around in Rajkot world-class.
3. There will be zero tolerance for encroachment of public
place, either roads or open space. Shopkeepers or hawkers
will not be allowed to spill and spread over roads. The foot
path will be spacious and risk-free so that people are
encouraged to walk.
4. The measures as mentioned above will help reduce dust and
spread greenery largely. However, to make the environs still
more hygienic and clean, we will ensure that waste
collectors and dustbins are provided aesthetically and at
more places. The commercial outlets which sell items prone
to spreading waste and dust, like pan and provision shops
will provide public dustbins. This way with private
partnership, wide awareness will be built among the public
for cleanliness.
5. The problem of slums will be tackled in an innovative
way. For this, we will make a khel gaon type of facility on
the outskirts of Rajkot about 15-20 KM away from the main
city. People in slums will be shifted to those facilities
and the slum space will be utilized to construct big
residential cum commercial complexes on PPP model. The slum
people will be resettled in the residential complexes to
start a new life. The period of stay of slum people in the
facilities here will be utilized to inculcate in them the
values of modern, disciplined, rule-bound and drug and
tobacco free life. All the slums will be redeveloped into
throbbing places of hygienic residence and good commerce.
The commercial space created on the earlier slum space will
be allotted to the resettled slum dwellers at concessional
rates. The facilities will be constructed in such a way that
60% is allotted to the evacuated people and 40% is for free
sale. Thus, it will be a self-sustaining project. After
resettlement of all the slum dwellers, the facilities
created on the outskirts of the city will be utilized for
sports and social activities. Slums will end forever.
6. With well-entrenched cleanliness and self-spreading
greenery due to absence of stray animals, a self-enforcing
life-style will develop which will follow modern values of<
email :sanjkaav@gmail.com
Name : Girish Gadha
Construct Poothpaths fot use by Howkers to establish their
shops like F.path from SBI Bank to Indira Circle and put
Board that no Co,plains shell be entertained against
Howkers. Compkainist will be penalised.
email :GirishGadha@hotmail.com
Name : nanani paresh
gujarat housing board, 96 dairy land society ma ek year
thaya damar road thai gayo 6 pan haju sudi gattar na dhakna
repair thaya nathi to tatkalik karavi apva yogya karso kem k
road thata gattar hoy tiya khada thai gaya 6 to yagya karso ji
email :npeeech@yahoo.com
Name : Dr. C.H. Vithalani
Before assembly election, there was announcement of cement
concrete road between Kalawad Road, Nana Mava village and
Ambika township. 80 Feet Road connecting Ambika township,
Mavadi Police Headquarters with Kalawad Road is in very bad
condition. Tender was also published but work is not started
yet. Please take some actions so that work can be compeleted
before forthcoming monsoon. Senior citizens and school going
childrens are facing lot of difficulties due to poor
condition of road and dust cloud formation due to heavy
traffic on this road.
email :c_h_vithalani@yahoo.com
Name : Vimal D. makwana
લક્ષ્મીનગર રેલ્વે નાલા પાસે સવારે ખુબજ ટ્રાફિક થાય છે
email :tivra_zankhna@yahoo.com
Name : Dharmik
There is not any youth committee in city for the socially
development of human.
I am an engineer by profession.
I want to start that activity, Who want to support as a team,
can directly contact me @ "dharmiksavdasiya@gmail.com".
email :dharmiksavdasiya@ymail.com
email :ptvasavada@yahoo.co.in
Name : Hitesh Makwana
we know major complaint of rajkot city is drainage line I
realize that most of line in city not proper arrangement
generally most of complaint comes from east zone suffered
from many years and non other officers of RMC solved these.
so my request you to listen carefully on this problem of
major backward class area.
email :pn22hitu@yahoo.co.in
Name : sumitra thacker
kalavad road par temaj un. rd. traffic khub hoy che. Ane
crod per chalva meta seprate space nathi. old pepole
temaj road per chalta lokene taklif thai che.
email :sumithacker@yahoo.co.in
raiya road per divider ne aajo bajo animal ne kay me dor
rahko to pan saru
email :m.shantilals@ymail.com
Name : bhargav pattani
aapne janavanu ke raiya road parna railway crossing par
bridge banavava vinanti. railway train ne karane raiya road
traffic thi overload rahe che. jem kalawad road par under
bridge che te rite raiya road par bridge banavava vinanti.
email :bhargavpattani@gmail.com
Name : Shailesh Chudasama
Please New Recruitments in your Departments.
email :shaileshchudasama09@gmail.com
Name : Vijay Chavda
I was just gone through the comments and complaints of the
citizens of Rajkot as they are having some of more
problems and want to be resolved from the corporation
point of view but it has come to my knowledge that no one
is really looking at this page and the voice of citizen of
Rajkot having problems
was it been reflected to the responsibles ?????
if any one of this get solution or resolved their problem
pl commnet on this for reference\regards
email :vgchavda@gmail.com
Name : Pooja Mehta
I like Rajkot city and living at Raiya Road.

email :pooja.mehta@gmail.com
Name : bharat
respected sir,
i am living in new thorala, rajot. compare to another area
pumping force of water and also time of water supply is also
less.whats a reason? and whats a solution?
email :parmarbharat471@yahoo.com
Name : jadav
email :jadav89@in.com
Name : R.K.TANK
email :rktank_rajkot@yahoo.com
Name : ishwar patel
I am very much pleased with development schemes shown but
very sorry to know where present developemnt is going to
be, for which RMC should also give their future up comming
plans for developements of infrastructures like roads,
special parks, surveys for Town planning etc.
In order to invest for my future safe secure and pleasent
placed home.
with thanks
ishwar patel
email :ishwarpatel101@gmail.com
Name : Harpalsinh U Jadeja`
I want to know about any problem in Property Tax like instead
of Resident tax coming com. tax and application given, then
how much time take for clearance.

email :harpal_2006@yahoo.co.in
Name : senior citizens of kalawad road
અત્રેના રહેવાસીઓ ને ખાસ કરીને અમો સીનીયર સિટીઝન બહેનોને ન્યુ કોલેજવાડી થી
મારૂતિ હાઇસ્કુલ પાસે આવેલ પ્રેમભિક્ષુજી મહારાજ માર્ગ પર રામ મંદિરે રોજ જ્વાનુ હોવાથી
૧૫૦ ફૂટ રીંગ રોડ પર બનાવેલ ફ્લાયઓવર ના લિધે બંધ કરેલ રસ્તાને કારણે ખુબ જ
તકલિફ પડતી હોય આપશ્રીને નમ્ર અરજ કરવાની કે ચાલતા જનાર લોકો માટે રોડ ક્રોસ
કરવા માટે થોડી સગવડતા કરી આપશો જેથી અમો મોટી ઉમરના લોકોને મંદિરે જવા માટે
કે.કે.વી. હોલથી ફરી ફરીને જવુ ના પડે અને ખુબ જ તકલીફથી ચાલી શકતા લોકોને
ઓછી તકલિફ પડે.
પ્રજાલક્ષી આ પ્રશ્ન પ્રત્યે હકારાત્મક વલણની અપેક્ષાએ......
email :kash_ashu1988@yahoo.com
Name : Rajesh Khetani
Please kindly update rain fall history on this web site
email :helplinerajkot@yahoo.com
Name : sanjay Ramchandra Naik
i m staying in rajkot from last 12 years but still i dont
have and house so please suggest me some thing to me
i am doing a job in a small indusrty kindly do needful to me


email :sanjay_55552002@yahoo.com
Name : ashwin
how to get property tex details of last 5 five years of

email :ashwin4303@gmail.com
Name : Ashok D.Buddha
Race course ma befam vahano chalavavama aave 6e.Kyarek moti
durghatana nakki banavani 6e. Race course ma aavelo marg
tatkalit asar thi bandh karavo joiye tevu maru suchan 6e
email :ashokdbuddha@gmail.com
Name : jadav kishor m
રૈયા વિસ્તાર ના રહેવાશીઓ
તારીખ : 18 જૂન , 2012
શ્રી અજય ભાદુ
રાજકોટ મ્યુનિસિપલ કોર્પોરેશન

વિષય :- રૈયા વિસ્તાર ના રહેવાશીઓ

જય ભારત સાથ અમે રૈયા વિસ્તાર ના રહેવાશીઓ દ્વારા જણાવવાનું કે રૈયા
ચોકડી થી માંડીને આલાપ ગ્રીન સિટિ સુધીનો રસ્તો મુખ્ય રોડ કે જે 80 ફૂટ નો જાહેર થયેલ
છે પરંતુ વર્ષોથી ભંગાર હાલત માં છે અને આ વિસ્તાર માટે કોર્પોરેશન અને કોર્પોરેટોર
બન્નેમાથી કોઈને દરકાર નથી વળી આ વિસ્તાર ને બદલે જ્યાં વસવાટ નથી થયો અને જ્યાં
દસમા ભાગ ની વસ્તી/વસવાટ હોવા છતા બિલ્ડરો અને રાજકારણી ની જમીનો છે તેવા દૂર
ના વિસ્તારો માં ડબલ ટ્રક રોડ બની ગયેલ છે જ્યારે રૈયા ચોકડી થી માંડીને આલાપ ગ્રીન
સિટિ સુધીના આ રસ્તાની બન્ને બાજુ જ્યાં હજારો લોકો વસે છે તે મુખ્ય રોડ રોડ ની બન્ને
બાજુએ ઝુપડપટ્ટીઑ બની ગયી છે ઉપરાંત રોડ ની બન્ને બાજુ ટ્રેક્ટર અને છ્ક્ડા વાળાઓ
ખરાબ કચરો/ધૂળ ના ઢગલાઓ કરે છે આ કારણે રોડ દિવસે ને દિવસે ટૂંકો થતો જાય છે.
વળી અમારી જાણ મુજબ આ રસ્તો મંજૂર થયી ગયેલ છે પરંતુ આ રોડ નું કામ થતું નથી
અને કોઈ ને રસ નથી.

આપની આગળ ના કમિશ્નર શ્રી એ રૈયા રોડ ને ગૌરવ પથ બનાવવાની જાહેરાત
કરેલ હતી. પરંતુ આ વિસ્તાર ના સારા વિકાસ માટે કોર્પોરેશન અને કોર્પોરેટોર બન્નેમાથી
કોઈને આ વિસ્તાર માટે દરકાર નથી આવા સંજોગો માં આપશ્રી રસ લઈને આ વિસ્તાર ની
મુલાકાત લ્યો અને અહીની પરિસ્થિતી જાણો અને તેવી અમારી તકલીફ દૂર કરો તેવી
અમારી વિનંતી છે.

ખાસ નોંધ :- ચોમાસા ની શરૂઆત થઈ ગયી છે અને રૈયા ચોકડી પછી માટી
ના ઢગલા ને કારણે વરસાદ નું પાણી ત્યાં ભરાઈ રહે છે તો તાત્કાલિક ઢગલા હટાવી પાણી
નિકાલ ની વ્યવસ્થા થાય તેવું કરવા વિનંતી.

આ વિસ્તાર ની તકલીફ વહેલી તકે દૂર થાય તેવી અપેક
email :jadavkishorm@yahoo.com
Name : kaushik
Dear Sir,

aaje rajkot ma badhi jagya ye garden bane chhe ane loko ne
suvidha male chhe pan gondal road ni bajuma atyar sudhi ekey
park banel nathi to te babat par vichar karvanu hu suggest
karu chhu

thank u
email :kaushikvirdiya@gmail.com
Name : karpada bhupatbhai dolubha
juni collector office ni jagiyaye st bus stad banava thi
passenger ne faydo thase ane city ma trafick ma ghatado thase
email :bhupatkarpada@yahoo.com
Name : Girishkumar K. Rajpara
On web site, property tax bill view kindly include
email :gkrajpara@yahoo.co.in

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